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About me

I have been working as a freelancer for many years, providing a variety of services such as social media management, community management, and campaign strategy for various clients. I have also co-founded a social media agency and have been working as a contractor for other agencies and their clients.

If it's green, I am accepting new clients, if it's red, I am not, but you can still drop me a line if you have an irresistible offer.

As freelancer

Leverage my extensive experience in social media as a freelance consultant. I bring a proven track record of delivering both successful brand campaigns and maximizing ROI for my clients.

Ongoing collaborations

Mirka van Gils Slavíková – 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

As a performance marketer for Mirka van Gils Slavíková, I am responsible for executing effective social media campaigns that drive results and meet clients' goals. My experience in data analysis and strategy development allows me to create targeted and impactful marketing initiatives that drive engagement and conversions.

Filmový festival Finále Plzeň – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

As the social media manager for the Finále Plzeň film festival, I am in charge of complete communication across social media platforms, primarily Instagram and Facebook. I lead the social media team during the festival, developing and executing engaging campaigns that build excitement and drive attendance. My expertise helps to effectively promote the festival and its events to a wider audience.

In addition, I also manage the complete social media presence for their OFF program, summer cinemas and screenings throughout Pilsen and the Pilsen region during the summer months. This includes approximately 20 screenings each summer, for which I also handle social ads to drive ticket sales. My role involves creating engaging content, managing ad campaigns, and ensuring a strong online presence to promote these events and maximize attendance.

Selection of one time & past collaborations

Šárka Seydler Kabátová – 2023

I had the privilege of assisting the young journalist, Šárka Seydler Kabátová, with performance campaigns to support her HitHit campaign for her upcoming book, 'Máma má práci'. My role was to create and manage effective advertising strategies that would drive interest and financial support for her project. Through targeted campaigns, we were able to successfully promote her book and reach her funding goals.

The Coaching Way – 2023

I had the opportunity to consult on the strategy during a significant repositioning of the brand and product for The Coaching Way. My role was to provide insights and guidance on how to effectively communicate the new brand positioning to their target audience.

Ottobock – 2022

As a lecturer for Ottobock, I led training session for the Czech and Slovak marketing team on social media and strategy. My extensive knowledge and experience in the field helped to enhance the teams' skills and understanding of effective social media marketing. Through real-life case studies, I provided valuable insights and best practices to help the teams drive results and improve their overall performance.

MyHive – 2022

As a trainer for MyHive offices, I led a series of marketing and communication workshops for their tenants, including some of the largest digital agencies in the country. My focus was on helping enhance their marketing efforts and improve their overall communication strategies.

Divadelní léto pod plzeňským nebem – 2022

For the client Divadelní léto pod plzeňským nebem, a theatrical festival, I was responsible for driving performance marketing and ticket sales for the shows.

Tereza Vu fashion designer – 2021

As a part of my work for client Tereza Vu, a fashion designer, I was responsible for managing her social media communication during her fashion-focused TV show on Czech Television. This involved creating and executing social media strategies to promote the show, engage with the audience, and build Tereza's brand and online presence.

ASKO – 2019

In my work for ASKO, I was in charge of managing the FloorFloor brand presence on Facebook. My goal was to increase engagement and drive foot traffic to their retail store.

DOK.incubator – 2019

I worked for dok.incubator, the International documentary rough-cut workshop, where I led a training session on social media for their international team.

Artdeco & Profiskin cosmetics – 2014, 2015

I worked for BCM where I was responsible for the digital marketing of Artdeco and Profiskin, both online cosmetic shops. My work included launching a new e-shop and opening a showroom to bring the brand to the market. I implemented effective strategies to increase the online presence of the brands and drive sales.

For Scale agency as co-founder

As a co-founder of the social media agency Scale, I was responsible for a variety of clients in different industries, such as tourism, local government, culture and more. Our work for these clients has been recognized with numerous content marketing awards.

Colours of Ostrava – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

As a long-term member of the social media team for the multi-genre festival Colours of Ostrava, my main focus was on developing the festival's Instagram presence. I was responsible for implementing strategies and creating content that helped to engage and grow the festival's online audience. Through my efforts, we were able to increase the festival's following and establish it as a must-attend event for music and culture lovers.

Signal Festival – 2018, 2019, 2020

As part of the team at Signal, festival of digital and creative culture, I was responsible for developing the festival's presence on Instagram. My role included creating and scheduling engaging content, growing the festival's following, and creating a strong online presence for the event. Through my work, I helped the festival reach a wider audience and connect with fans and supporters in the digital art community.

Plzeňský kraj & Turistů ráj – 2019, 2020

As part of the team working for Plzeň Region, we successfully transformed the communication style of the Regional Council on Facebook, and were responsible for the management of the tourism brand "Turistů ráj" on both Instagram and Facebook.

Týdeník Hrot – 2020

As a part of my work for Týdeník Hrot, I was responsible for establishing the publication's strategy upon entering the market and developing formats for social media platforms. My goal was to create a strong online presence for the weekly magazine and engage with its target audience through social media.

DOX – 2019

We conducted a social media audit for Prague contemporary art gallery DOX and provided training for the communication team to enhance their presence on various platforms. The goal was to improve the overall communication strategy and increase engagement with the audience.

swim – 2019

I worked for Swim, universal urban refreshment in the Prague city centre, where we conducted a social media audit and subsequent training for their communication team.

Mäso Parížek – 2019

As an agency, my team and I worked for Maso Parížek, a Slovakian family company producing high-quality meat products. Our task was to lead the preparation of a brand campaign, including production, to showcase the values and products of the company.

Filozofická fakulta ZČU v Plzni – 2019

As an agency, we worked with the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen on a recruitment campaign for new students on social media platforms. We also conducted a communication audit to enhance the overall effectiveness of their outreach efforts.

European Society of Gynaecological Oncology – 2019

As an agency, we led a B2B European-wide campaign for ESGO to support their medical congress. Our team was responsible for the communication strategy on social media and helped set up overall communication for the client. The goal of the campaign was to increase awareness and drive attendance to the congress.

For FREYA & Fiat Lux Art agency

Fénix content marketing Awards – 2022, 2023

As part of my ongoing work for the Fénix content marketing Awards, I am responsible for managing the social media presence of this prestigious industry competition across various channels, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and newsletters. By staying on top of the latest social media trends, I ensure that the competition remains visible and relevant to its audience, helping to drive engagement and interest in the awards.

Andaz & ZEM – 2022, 2023

At Andaz Prague, I was responsible for the performance marketing efforts to support the hotel's avant-garde Czech bistro, ZEM. My focus was on utilizing various online marketing channels to drive reservations for the restaurant's events.

Dvě slova jako klíč – 2023

For this project, my focus was on crafting compelling content for the website, social media, and social ads with the aim of maximizing reach and awareness during the film's cinema release. My task was to create persuasive and memorable messages that would attract viewers and bolster the success of the film.

For Hero & Outlaw agency

Akeso holding – 2020, 2021

As a community manager and campaign specialist working for Hero & Outlaw, I was responsible for managing and optimizing campaigns to increase brand awareness for AKESO holding. My role involved engaging with the target audience and ensuring consistent and effective communication to strengthen the client's brand image and reach.

Sapeli – 2020

As a part of my work for the client, I was responsible for managing the community of a specific campaign aspect and setting up advertising. My main focus was to ensure the smooth operation of the community and the effectiveness of the advertisements in raising brand awareness and engagement.

For PIARISTI agency

Kunsthalle Praha – 2019, 2020

I worked for Kunsthalle Praha, where I assisted in setting up the communication strategy prior to the opening, as well as presenting their first cultural events. I was involved in establishing a clear and effective approach for promoting the Kunsthalle and its programs to a wider audience.

Hauch Gallery – 2019

As part of my work for Hauch gallery, I was responsible for presenting exhibitions projects and setting up advertisements to increase attendance. I played a key role in showcasing the gallery's projects to a wider audience and creating a strong online presence for the gallery.

Projects and activities in Education

As a professional in the field of marketing and communication, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others, particularly in the realm of media literacy and media education. I believe that educating young people and the wider public is crucial for their personal and professional development. That's why I have participated in various workshops and seminars as a speaker and mentor, and have worked with schools and non-profit organizations to provide media literacy training and resources. I am always looking for opportunities to share my expertise.

Církevní gymnázium v Plzni – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

As part of the program to engage experts from the field in education, I have been leading seminars for high school students on the topic of media for an extended period of time. These seminars are part of the students' media education and focus on the areas of advertising, media, PR, and social media. I conduct these seminars alongside a colleague to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the latest developments in the field.

Olivova dětská léčebna – 2022

We, together with a colleague, led a media education seminar for students from elementary schools at the Olivova Children's Rehabilitation Center. The aim of the seminar was to raise awareness about the dangers of the online world and to educate the children on how to navigate it safely.

DAMU – 2021, 2023

As a professional in the field, I was a guest speaker at a seminar for future theater producers and I am currently part of a mentorship program where students from the Drama Academy can reach out to me for consultations on their projects and marketing efforts.

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